Our mission is to move people from crisis to lifelong self-sufficiency by helping the homeless and marginalized people within our community navigate the often siloed and hard to navigate services that are available. We view each person holistically and help them build an action plan to work towards mental, physical and emotional stability. We help them overcome any obstacles or addictions they have hindering their success and then find appropriate and safe housing.  Once stable, we continue to coach and mentor each client as they navigate life and become thriving members of the community.  While many organizations focus on one or two specific needs, H.O.P.E. Haven staff work to ensure each person we meet is fully supported through every step of their journey.


Our outreach teams go out into the community every single week to meet those on the streets where they are.  The goal is to connect and build relationships with those living in a place not meant for human habitation so that when they are ready, we are their trusted go-to in order to start improving their lives.


When our outreach teams meet those in need who are ready to start making positive changes, they are referred to one of our case managers.  Our case managers partner with many agencies across the city and help each client navigate the system in order start taking tangible steps towards self-sufficiency.


Our staff meets daily to talk through complicated issues and come with ideas as to how to help each person navigate their unique situation.  Our goal is to solve problems, remove barriers and help our clients thrive.


Once a client is stable, we enter them into our success community where they receive ongoing, lifelong mentoring.


Our goal is to make a difference in our community by offering those homeless and on the verge of becoming homeless some life skills and training so they can stay housed and never end up homeless again.

Its time that we don’t just give change, but we need to be the change. The call is for us to do that in our community. We can change the face of Houston one person at a time if we just make a difference in the world where we live.

Kristyn Stillwell • Executive Director


We build relationships with individuals on the streets as a means to inspire a sense of purpose.


Unlike other programs, we view individuals holistically, addressing mental, spiritual, and physical health needs.


We provide life skills training and help connect with job readiness and job training programs.


Each person is surrounded by a mentorship team dedicated to their lifelong success.