Our mentoring portion of our program “Next Step of Hope” helps our clients once they are in a stable living situation. Each client in the mentoring program gets a team of 5 mentors. Each mentor will be selected for a particular area of expertise which will include… spiritual, relationships, career, finance and one area particular to each client. As a mentor you would agree to answer calls and be a friend to someone trying to better themselves. We meet as a team for a nice dinner and from there we let your friendships evolve. We will have recognition events twice a year for celebrating the successes from our ministry. These are not mandatory but you will be invited to attend.

We need a large number of mentors! Please prayerfully consider volunteering to pour into others. It’s a great opportunity to learn to mentor and disciple others. It doesn’t take much to make a big impact. Simply being there to share the things you have found useful in your own life can have a profound effect in the life of someone else.

Thank you so much for your interest in our mentoring program. If you will fill out the information online we will contact you to interview you to find the best person for you to mentor.


We build relationships with individuals on the streets as a means to inspire a sense of purpose.


Unlike other programs, we view individuals holistically, addressing mental, spiritual, and physical health needs.


We provide life skills training and help connect with job readiness and job training programs.


Each person is surrounded by a mentorship team dedicated to their lifelong success.