Our mission is to help the homeless find a path off the streets and to mentor them throughout their life journey to succeed and thrive as contributing members of our community.

We build relationships with individuals on the streets as a means to inspire a sense of purpose that empowers them to achieve stability and change their lives. We work with each client to create a personalized plan to get off the streets and overcome recurring issues that drive them to homelessness.

We help partner agencies with their clients who seek to thrive in a society and are in need of housing or a stronger support network.


It takes an amazing group of people to make the impact that HOPE Haven has made over the years. Meet the team and learn what makes each member an invaluable asset in our fight against homelessness.


Our Board of Directors is comprised of a great group of professionals that we lean on for the important decisions. Their years of professional experience has helped shape HOPE Haven into the organization that we are today.


View our Statement of Faith as well as a list of reports and financials. These documents are made available for the general public.


If you are currently homeless and in need of shelter, or you know someone who is, please don’t hesitate to contact HOPE Haven. Our programs and services are designed to meet your needs where you are. We’d also love to hear from you if you’d just like to connect with HOPE Haven in regard to our many volunteer options or partnerships.

Its time that we don’t just give change, but we need to be the change. The call is for us to do that in our community. We can change the face of Houston one person at a time if we just make a difference in the world where we live.

Kristyn Stillwell • Executive Director


We build relationships with individuals on the streets as a means to inspire a sense of purpose.


Unlike other programs, we view individuals holistically, addressing mental, spiritual, and physical health needs.


We provide life skills training and help connect with job readiness and job training programs.


Each person is surrounded by a mentorship team dedicated to their lifelong success.