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How one woman is bringing hope and healing to the streets of Houston

Current Magazine | By Champion Forest Baptist Church | November 1, 2016

When Kristyn Stillwell prayed that boldprayer in the summer of 2010, she had no idea how God would answer—only that she felt stirred to serve Him in a greater way. Sure enough, God was faithful to reveal His heart to her through unmistakable circumstances. While driving the familiar streets of northwest Houston, she began to notice a particular people group that she had overlooked countless times before. Now suddenly, everywhere she went, her attention drew to our city’s homeless population, and she became consumed with compassion.

“I feel your heart breaking for these people, Lord,” she prayed, “but what can I do?”

Within a couple of weeks, the Lord answered yet again. While participating in a FAITH Evangelism Training course at her church, Champion Forest Baptist, Kristyn and her FAITH team visited a home as part of the outreach portion of the class. Sure enough, a team member happened to mention that a local group was looking to start feeding the homeless in northwest Houston. Kristyn reached out immediately and made it known that she would love to donate time and finances to the effort.

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We build relationships with individuals on the streets as a means to inspire a sense of purpose.


Unlike other programs, we view individuals holistically, addressing mental, spiritual, and physical health needs.


We provide life skills training and help connect with job readiness and job training programs.


Each person is surrounded by a mentorship team dedicated to their lifelong success.