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Transformation Station is a 44,000 sq. ft. office building that will provide the services needed to help people get stable and change their financial situation. It is a “One Stop Shop” for transforming lives and radically transforming how we help the hurting. The project also includes a transitional living facility called “Main Street America” specifically targeting families who are literally or chronically homeless, struggling financially, or victims of domestic violence.

We will be transforming the 12 houses on the property into multi-unit houses that will be able to house up to 55 families at any given time.  We expect the average stay to be 3 months so we would help up to  200 families a year. The property will provide services, refuge, retreat, and a safe shelter – all in one place.

This is a very cost effective project and can get up and running quickly as soon as we raise the money. Can we count on you to help bring this vision to life?  Please consider donating or scheduling a tour today!

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Issue #1

The current system only offers immediate help to about 32% of the overall homeless population in Houston.


Transformation station will fill in many existing service gaps making immediate help available to individuals and families no matter what led them to homelessness in the first place.

Issue #2

Available services are spread far apart, often have very limited hours of operation and/or require referrals from other services.


Transformation Station will have 44,000 sq. ft. of office space available to bring all services under one roof including health care services, mental health counseling, GED classes, college prep courses, life skills training, and more!

Issue #3

There is a shortage of beds available to those experiencing homelessness, and most are within the 610 loop making access difficult for many..


Transformation Station will provide housing for up to 55 individuals and families outside of downtown Houston and in direct proximity with all other needed services.

Issue #4

The current system does not allow families to stay together when seeking shelter.


Transformation station will keep families together!

Issue #5

The current system does not address the underlying issues that led to homelessness in the first place.


Transformation Station will not only serve immediate needs, but it will come along side each individual (and family) and build out an action plan to help overcome issues, learn new life skills and become a self-sufficient member of the community.

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We build relationships with individuals on the streets as a means to inspire a sense of purpose.


Unlike other programs, we view individuals holistically, addressing mental, spiritual, and physical health needs.


We provide life skills training and help connect with job readiness and job training programs.


Each person is surrounded by a mentorship team dedicated to their lifelong success.